Doors around the World

Montmartre, Paris

Burano, Italy


Beijing, China

Rabat, Morocco

Bali, Indonesia

Sardinia, Italy

Shanghai, China


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A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
The Great Gatsby
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I ain’t got time for you baby
Either you’re mine, or you’re not
Make up your mind sweet baby
Right here, right now’s all we got
A little party never killed nobody
So we gon’ dance until we drop !

I really just wanna dance to this song right now.

send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old

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Beachwear (Bathing Suit) c. 1916 via The Costume Institute at the Met


Wedding Ensemble, House of Paquin, 1910. (via The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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I drew this for a contest at the Fluevog site around this crazy 70’s-style clog shoe. If I win the drawing gets printed in a bunch of magazines and I get rewarded in shoooes. If you like it why not toss a little vote my way!

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dracadancer said: What on earth would you do with a bridge? lol

Bridge things! :D 

Like… ummmmmm… 


Las Vegas as Dustland in «Dustland Fairytale» by The Killers

(for my lovely i-wanna-jump-out-of-my-skin)

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Want to buy a bridge? Pennsylvania still has 11 for sale

HARRISBURG Pa. (Reuters) - Buying a bridge is not on most to-do lists, but anyone seeking a historic span need look no further than the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which has 11 of them for sale.

PennDOT is trying to save bridges on the National Register of Historic Places that are not up to the demands of modern traffic. Prices range from $1 to $500, and moving costs can often be paid by the Federal Highway Administration.

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