Part 2, a.k.a. “Renewable vs. Non-renewable energy”

Kansas has a lot, and I mean A LOT of wind turbines providing wind energy, especially in the Flint Hills region. The wind farms go on basically as far you can see in every direction.

There are also a lot of oil wells, once you get west of Salina. There at least half a dozen in pretty much every field. 

The last picture is just…there are so many signs like this along the road. It’s like every few miles they just have to remind you how awesome and badass farmers are. 

A few more things I noticed today that I wish I could have gotten pictures of:

-The religious billboards. Like, the number of religious signs along the road just kept increasing as we drove west, haha. Most of them are about abortion, but a lot are just Bible verses and things like “Jesus Saves.” 

-There is an Oz Museum in Wamego. 

-Sunflowers. So many sunflowers. There’s a reason it’s called the sunflower state, man. They grow all along the road in ditches and stuff. The wild sunflowers are different from the stereotypical huge sunflowers that you often see pictures of though. The wild ones are actually really small, and called tickseed sunflowers. There are also fields of cultivated sunflowers, which are the huge kind. 

-Sorghum. I kept seeing these really green fields of some crop I didn’t recognize, so I looked it up and apparently it was sorghum. It looks sort of like…really short corn. But I knew it couldn’t be corn because all the corn around here is brown. haha. So yeah…apparently sorghum is a huge cash crop, and the best part is, it’s drought resistant. 

-There are a surprising number of porn shops in the eastern half of the state. Like, there’s this one chain called “Lion’s Den Superstore” and they have several locations all along the interstate. But, keeping with the religious billboard craze, at the exits you would get off to go to them, there are signs that say “God is always watching; pornography ruins families.” Just to, you know, keep people in line. So yeah.

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